About Me

Hello Everyone  my name is Uzo.  I have over the years through research,uzo  study  and practice learn about what we can accomplish health wise relying on nature’s provisions – Herbs. These Herbs  were used by early men when medicine has not developed to the level it is today. Our Great and Grandparents also used same techniques. As a young Lad growing up in the early 70s, I saw my Grand Father and Mother Use herbs; imbibe healthy Living practices despite their minimum educational exposure.  Both lived over 100 years.   I will share the same herbal remedies in this platform.

I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two boys. I have   traveled widely……. anywhere in the world you are,   nature has healing remedies for you. In Africa, Asia, Europe and America, nature abounds plants, vegetables and fruits that are medicinal to take care of our ailments   However today, many people have as a result of urbanization and technology lost track of what is available to them naturally. It is better to take that  Apple fruit, Mango, Garden egg, Orange Etc as it is  from the Farm  than to drink processed drinks presented to us as 100% natural fruit?  They are not 100% natural.

It is in our own interest to imbibe Natural  healthy living principles – eat a good diet, detoxify,  do our regular health checks,  exercise, imbibe good hygiene, avoid stress, quit smoking and live a life of moderation and discipline. Am I Right? No!!  Yes, all these are possible, it all depend on YOU. Life is what we accept is possible.  This is about your good health. Life as the say  has no duplicate’.

I  will be  more than  happy to be your guide in this journey. I  am experienced, practicing, certificated in healthy living and above all have  incredible passion for nature and herbs which has been part of me for over 30 years. If you ever need any feedback or support regarding your health, I would be more than happy to reach you . Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with  new information that I come across that I know will be helpful to you. .

I wish you all the best with your health and thank you for dropping by! .)



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