Best Remedies For Stretch Marks- Easy to Apply.


Stretch  Marks are a common sight today on our streets, especially with the female Pregnancy stretch marksfolks.   Don’t get me wrong guys do have stretch marks as well…).

With the new dressing style in town where we expose greater part of our body, sometimes you see the marks pop up around the upper arms and breast areas. Stretch marks also do show in the buttocks, chest, stomach and thighs

What is Stretch Marks?

These are conspicuous off-color  lines that we see on the skin surface. Sometimes the marks can cover a large chunk of our skin.

Stretch marks are very stubborn to remove. This makes people to take all kinds of measures to get ride of it including laser treatment that are quite some discomfort.  The best  remedies for stretch marks is removing it through herbal treatment.

Causes of Stretch Marks?

They can be caused by the following:

  • Weight gain or loss. A sharp loss or  gain in weight can be a factor.
  • Pregnancy, which is related to the above, is a factor. During pregnancy, women add a lo t of weight which can cause the skin to stretch beyond its capacity.
  • Heredity, this can be in the family.
  • Stress – both physical and emotional can trigger it.
  • Cosmetics- creams that are not suited for your skin can trigger stretch marks
  • What are the health implications?

    • It damages the skin.
  • Low self esteem – Studies have shown that most people that have stretch marks are very conscious of their looks and  fell embarrassed by it. For single ladies,  this is  a big concern for  them, especially when there are  involve in a new relationship.   
  • Best Herbal remedies for Stretch Mark.

    Are there Herbal remedies?  YES of course……..however it is not a push button stuff. You will need to give the treatment some time if you need  a positive result. Some of the Herbal remedies are as follows;-

    Shea Butter.

    You know it?  Yes, it is a very good for the treatment of stretch marks. It contains vitamins A and E which are invaluable for keeping the skin healthy.

    Procedure – Apply shear Butter on the surface of the affected area in the morning and evening after a bath and see how your skin  will  gradually improve.

    Olive Oil.

    olive-oil 1

    This is very high in nutrients that nourish the skin.

    Procedure – Apply it on the surface area of the problem daily and until you see a visible result.

    Castor Oil

    This is also effective for the treatment of stretch marks and other skin problems like Pimples. Wrinkles and dark spots etc.

    Procedure- Apply castor Oil on the area and massage gently for 8 to 12 minutes.   Do this daily for about 45 days and see the massive improvement  your skin will witness.

    Aloe Vera

    alovera gel

    Aloe Vera has a quick healing effect on the stretch marks,

      Procedure-  Get fresh Aloe Vera; apply the gel on the affected area.  Leave for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off with clean warm water.

    Repeat this daily until visible positive results shows.

    Egg White

    Egg white can easily make youegg white  stretch marks fade off. Egg white contains proteins that are very good for the skin. Its Collegen, Vitamin A and other nutrients are invaluable for getting ride of stretch marks,

    Procedure –  Take out the egg white from the whole egg and mash it very well. The paste you rub on the effected area. Leave for  30 minutes  and clean with cut lemon.  wash off after 10 minutes.

    Do this daily for 45 days  and see how the Stretch  marks will fade away.

    As you apply any of this herbal remedies, ensure you take adequate water to keep your body system well hydrated.

    Water helps to nourish your skin, very important for detoxification and necessary for the metabolic processes.

    Avoid processed drinks, coffee, caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

    I assure you these remedies will help you take care of the stretch marks,

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