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The Healing Power of Essential Oil

The healing power of Essential oils can be deployed in treating several illnesses such as arthritis, depression, digestive problems, Infections, stress, cardiovascular   diseases, in message therapy for bone issues, strain  muscular cramp, hair loss etc. Its is also very useful in household cleaning and skin beauty.essential oil

Essential oil is very powerful herbal oil that is distilled from different parts of herbal plant, including the leaves, bark, roots , peels and the flowers. They can be used to treat, heal and cure all manners of ailment and it is the primary source of healing Aromas  in Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the use of Aromas for the physical, mental and emotional healing Gottlieb (2008.)

Types of Essential Oil.

They are over 100 types of essential oil; each has its unique characteristic odour of the plant or another source from which it is extracted.  In this page, we will focus attention more on the most common and easily available ones.

Like wine essential oil varies in cost depending on the process of distilling it and also availability.  Below is my list of Top essential oils necessary to have at home.


Cedar wood.


Eucalyptus                    oils










Tea Tree

Ylang Yang






They are  many others. The one you like or use at home might not be in this list. Hey, don’t worry. As I focus on the above I will also review some others that are not in the list from time to time until I  cover as many as possible. Great! Is that okay?  .)

What are the benefits of essential oil?

Essential Oil was said earlier has enormous healing power and this is acknowledged by two great books, the Bible and the Koran. Yes going spiritual you may say.

Health Benefits

It can be used to treat all manners of ailment, be it digestive problems, skin problems including scares and burns, Infections like fungi, rashes, hair loss, body odor, cancer, obstructed menses, respiratory problems, stress, depression and other emotional problems, boost immune system, muscle and pain messaging and others, these are accomplished due to the antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, ant rheumatic and anti-spasmodic properties of the oil

Other Uses.

Household cleaning

You can use it in the house for the following:  Carpet cleaning, burnt pots and pan, clean fridges, washing cloth, clean toilets and general freshen of the house to make it smell sweet and cool.

Skin beauty.

In beauty and spa, it can be used for foot spa, massaging, reduce wrinkles, teeth whitener, remove stretch marks, get rid of dandruff, Acne treatment, shampoo and deodorant making, body spray, toothpaste ,perfume and many other uses.

We will explore the benefits of each of every essential oil type. Look out for it.


How is Essential Oil use for Healing?

You Inhale It.

Essential oils are highly volatile like fuel. This means that its molecules can quickly evaporate into the air and circulate within  the environment. As it circulates, it is inhaled by anybody

When you inhale it, the essential oil molecular components react with your olfactory membranes of your nose which are directly connected with the hypothalamus of the brain and the limbic system.

These two essential human systems are crucial and important for regulating your mind, your emotions and your body. The essential oil inhaled will trigger a response to the different organs of the body that needs healing.

Apply directing to the skin.

You can also apply some essential oil directly to the skin and this work in two ways. As you apply it, you inhale it as well as it absorbs directly into your blood stream. However, care must be taken to ensure adequate precaution is taken. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label.

Vaporize It

Add 3- 4 drops in bowl of warm water by a radiator, or in a diffuser or aromatic oil burner and this will change the surrounding environment. Best-Essential-Oil-Diffuser

Is it safe to use Essential Oil?

Essential Oil  is very potent and sometimes much more than dried herbs. It is very safe if used appropriately and all the safety measures were taken.

Essentially oil is inhaled and applied topically to the skin with few exceptions. However they are not to be taken internally ( don’t drink it )  Most essential oil are diluted before use with an exception of  a few  common ones like Lavender, Tea tree, Sandalwood, Rose and lemon that can be used undulated.

Dilution is done through a carrier base, which can be an oil, like (almond oil, shea butter), a cream or gel before applying  to the skin.  I mean you mixed it with another substance before applying to the skin.

Most essential oil  reacts to sensitive skins and this is why it is good to do a patch test first before use, In the patch  test,  drop a few   essential oil, mixed with a carrier and rob on the back of your wrist, leave for 45 minutes or more. If you experience any irritation or redness of your skin, wash off with water and avoid its use.

Essential oil is not approved for use by pregnant women especially at the early stages of pregnancy because it contains a substance      that can abort the pregnancy and also children in most cases.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always keep in dark bottles and avoid direct contact to light and heat.

Finally, we will post detail benefits and safety use of the 20 essential oils mentioned above.

If you have any questions or suggestions to make on the healing power of essential oil please click the comment box and leave your message there. If you benefit from this  post, please share it with your family , friends and your  social media groups.

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  1. Hi Uzo
    I have a site very similar by name to yours
    ‘Herbal Remedies’
    I like your niche as its a very important niche. I will comment only on your ‘essential-oil’ post
    It has a lot of good and important information but I did feel that you were not targeting at least one area to which the oil can deeply be a remedy with maybe a reference of it having practically worked
    Because i feel you have such deep knowledge but don’t you want to monetize it as well?
    I wish you all the best and feel the site has tremendous potential. It is such an important niche and many people are looking for herbal remedies for their ailments

    1. Rowan,

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and for your kind words. Yes your quite correct on your assessment. Yes Herbal remedies are quite an important part of our medical system now and people are looking for natural ways of treatment with less side effects, i want to build the site a little more before i monetized and i it will be nice for us to collaborate . Thanks for dropping by. .

  2. I know herbal remedies have come a long way in recent years. I also know a lot of people did not go for them and were convinced treatment from their local pharmacy was always going to work better.

    You know, big brands and big names that people fall for.

    Me I am willing to give anything a chance, and at 45 years old I am now starting to bald a little.

    I notice you say there are essential oils for hair loss treatment, can I ask which is the best product to go for?



    1. Chris,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and checking my site, You are right in your thoughts, Herbal remedies has been around as old as the Earth. Modern medicine/science was born in the 16th century however before then the early men were protecting themselves using herbs around them. Herbal remedies are based on natural gift of the earth and is very potent,

      I appreciate modern medicine, it has done a lot for mankind. it is not a competition rather it should be a collaboration to benefit mankind. For many years now i depend solely on herbal remedies and am good,

      Yes , quite a number of them can help you in your hair loss, like Rosemary, Lavender Cedarwood ,Thyme etc

      You can create your own mixture of the four above, 4 drops each ( 16 drops) on an ounce of almond oil or Jojoba oil ,,message it on the effected scalp every evening before you go to bed until you see result,

      2. You can also extract your Onion juice ,add 2 spoonful of honey and drop 4 drops of lavender essential oil on the mixture and do this

      Massage your bald areas or your whole scalp with the above mixture.Cover your hair and leave it on overnightRinse your hair first thing the next morning.Follow this treatment daily for a few months or until you see results Thanks so much for dropping by.

  3. The quality of essential oils is also important – some are synthetic and don’t contain the same synergist blend of natural ingredients that evolved together within the plants. Where possible, I only use natural rather than synthetic essential oils as they have a greater therapeutic benefit. Similarly, 100% pure essential oils are preferable as they are not mixed with alcohol or other additives. My favourite blend is orange and lemongrass which helps me sleep really deeply. What’s yours?

    1. Dr Sarah, thanks for visiting my site and your contribution. Your are very right, the Quality of essential oil we use is very important and key if we are to get the true therapeutic healing we seek. This means our source of the oil is very important which is what we attend to do in this Blog to direct or recommend to our readers the best source of quality Essential Oil. Thanks so much.

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