Food Is Your Best Medicine- Do You Believe That?

I was talking to a group of people yesterday on the importanceveg soup of eating healthy, as food is your best medicine. If you really want to achieve healthy living, it is necessary to be mindful of what goes into your mouth.

Do you know that blueberries can increase brain longevity? That kiwi fruit can be an excellent weapon for battling cancer and heart disease? That pear help prevent fibroid tumors? I can go on and on.

The  Early  Man

Before Industrialization and the development of modern medicine thousands of years ago, men relied solely on non-polluted fresh plants and animals for their food. Herbs to cure their diseases.

My Grandparents did same too. They relied solely on herbs for treatment. Did it work for them? Yes.

My Grand Dad, anytime he is sick, will plug different leaves of plants, cook them, use their water to bath as well as drink them. In three days you will see him up and running again. .). He lived above 100 years

This also were how we were treated when we are down with malaria fever then. My mom will cook different leaves of plants mix together – Papaw, Mango, Neem tree, and others We will bath with the substance and the steam coming from the cooked leaves you will be made to inhale it. This was very effective for malaria treatment then.

Here Is The Problem

Today we are eating more processed foods that are nutritionally deficient. Our malls are filled with processed products with artificial flavoring, sweeteners and chemically altered fat that are not healthy to our health.

This is why we have more  people suffering from  chronic diseases than ever before in the history of mankind. Obesity, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes etc .

Your  option?

It is to time to go back to nature. Eat more natural food as much as we can. It is very important that you learn more about the usefulness of plants and vegetables that are around you  backyard or in front of you  house.  You can treat illness with some of those plants.

Plants you grow as flowers in your compound like Rose, Marigold, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Hibiscus, Garden egg, Evening flower, Guava, Papaw, Waterleaf, Okra, Pumpkin and other green Vegetables are vital healing herbs.

The vegetables contain in their  natural state the vital nutrients that your  body needs for growth and regeneration. Vegetables, as you know, are used for the preparation of soup and other cuisines.

If well prepared it acts as food and medicine. Check this.

  • Water leave, for example, is good for the treatment of indigestion, detox, dry skin, bone problem, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  • Okra – this vegetable has an enough silicon and selenium which is food for the hair and skin. It is also medicinal food for impotent men.
  • Pumpkin – this is a good provider of vitamin B, which gives strength while the seed is very rich in Vitamin E, which helps the reproductive and cardiovascular system.
  • Papaw – the leaves is good for the treatment of malaria fever, indigestion while the seed can be used for the treatment of fever, ulcer and skin infection

How Do You Cook Your Vegetables

We should take care to prepare your food in the Kitchen to enable the food to retain its natural medicinal values.

Wash your vegetable before you blend them. If you blend them before you wash which is what many people do, you have thrown away the medicinal values

When you cook vegetables with high heat you have destroyed the medicinal values.

It is time to go back to the basics to discover what made our great-grandparents lived so long. It is time to go back to our herbs, our vegetables, and fruits.

Nature is beautiful and has all the healing remedies for you. It is only left for you to discover them and take action.

I will like to hear from you. Drop a comment for me below on any health issue   and I will surely get back to you, Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Nice work, Mr. Uzo. I am a firm believer in “your food is your medicine” therapy to curing illnesses. I only wish our conventional doctors will promote more of this philosophy than encouraging popping of pills into the system. Kudos!

    1. Thanks so much Julia for your kind words. We will continue to present the facts out their for people to learn from and apply to better their life. Nature has everything to keep us healthy without us always ‘popping the pills” borrowing your words. Thanks so much for dropping by.

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