Herbal remedies for Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a very common health issue among men of different ages. ED is a condition where a man is unable to achieve or sustain an erection at least 75% of the time they try to have sex.  It can make the sexual experience so frustrating and embarrassing for men and this leads to low self-esteem, depression, and sometimes guilt.


It is on the increase and has caused frequent frictions among married and none married couples.  Massachusetts Male Aging Study findings showed that 50% of men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. .According to the study, older men suffers more ED than young males.

The findings of this study showed that at age 40, about 40 percent of men suffer from this condition but the surprising thing is less than 5% seek medical help.  It can be been resolved quickly depending on the underlying causes.

Therefore is good to see a Doctor immediately. Another study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reveled that over 18 million men from 20 years and above suffer from this problem,

What are the causes of ED?

This can be classified into two groups —physical and psychological

According to the BBC Health, about 70 percent of impotence cases have medical causes and about 30 percent have psychological causes.

Physical causes – this can be as a result of some medical conditions such as:-

  • High level of cholesterol
  • Diabetes,
  • Injury as a result of surgery
  • Thyroid Issues,
  • Kidney Problem
  • Smoking,
  • Hormonal changes as result of age
  • Obesity,
  • Alcohol
  • Nutritional deficiencies,
  • Prescription medications
  • Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate
  • Recreational drugs like cocaine etc.
  • High blood pressure (hypertension),


Psychological causes are as follows:-

  • Anxiety to perform
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems.
  • Depression


ED Experiences

Let’s here from some people that have ED and see what their experiences are like.

Here Nick who wrote me about his condition.


My name is Nick Brown, 39 years old and I am an Accountant. I started experiencing ED since 2 years now. It started when I was 37. I noticed it hours before my penis will be erect and ready for Sex even when I have the desire. Even when it do get up it does not remain firm  for more than 5 minutes and this has really hurt my relationship with my wife. I really don’t know what to do as I find it difficult to discuss with anybody about it.” 





This is what many men are going through. This issue sometimes just appear suddenly without   much warning signs.

Another life experience is from a woman who talked about her relationship with an ED husband –  culled from an online forum.



‘”Ok so we got married 2.5 months ago. I knew my husband had ED and I thought I could deal with it. We’ve been together a year. He doesn’t like to be touched most of the time something I crave. He does now cuddle for maybe 5 min before I get the “goodnight” kiss. He then falls asleep immediately and I cry myself to sleep or read. I feel like I’m not pretty enough, sexy enough and on and on it goes. We have never had intercourse.  We love each other dearly but the thought of being 56 and never make Love with my sweet 59-year-old husband leads me to despair. Everyone tells me I’m beautiful and I look like I’m 40. I feel ugly and lonely. Help “



The next experience is also culled from an online forum.


 I have had diabetes since my early 40’s, I am now 58. The erectile dysfunction that I suffered was soul destroying to
the point that it very nearly resulted in my wife 
filing for divorce, as it put a tremendous strain on our marriage, 
we’d been very sexually active up until that point. As well as the erectile dysfunction the numbness that I was experiencing was most concerning.
The onset was gradual but a clear path to the demise of my sexual

health as I initially went from being able to satisfy my wife, to suffering from premature ejaculation, weak erections and then impotence all in a matter of a fortnight. I spent most of my free time looking for erectile dysfunction cures and treatments online.

Finally, a man wrote to relate his story to me.  Here is his story.

Raymond is 42 and was diagnosed for prostate enlargement and he is getting treatment. However he can hardly sustain an erection for a period of time

“my penis always goes flaccid almost immediately it gets up. This has caused a big strain in my relationship with my wife as my wife who is  35 years is complaining of being starve of sex due to my impotency and threatened divorce if nothing is done to correct the problem  I really don’t know what to do. Please help me to save my marriage”




Looking at the above experiences you cannot but agree with me that the issues are almost the same but the causes may be different.  Each is unable to satisfy their partner and this has caused  strains in the relationship.  While seeking for a cure I will advise couples to explore enjoyable    non- penetrative sex so as to keep the marriage intact.


Conventional common Treatment for HD

They are quite a number of treatments in conventional medicine out there such as the following:-

  • Drugs like Cialis, Viagra etc. are useful to many men but most times have side effects such as a headache, dizziness, vision problems, allergies and digestive problems. A man with heart problems and diabetes are discouraged from taking them.
  • Erection inducing injections are also useful to some men but come with side effects as well.  Some of the effects are. Frequent urination enlarged breast, pains in the penis and acne.


  • Hormonal replacement sometimes is applied and it also exhibit some of the side effects mentioned above
  • There are situations where penile implants are done to help stimulate erection or surgery when there is blood vessel leakage. These help men too but come with their own risk as well.

Change of Lifestyle.

Some of the lifestyles you indulge are very detrimental to your sexual health. Top among them are:-

  • Alcohol- especially in excess with hampers your health and can cause you ED. It will be good if you quit completely or cut down drastically your level of intake. A study published by Indian journal of Psychiatry in 2007, established that 72% of men diagnosed of alcohol dependence were found to have sexual dysfunction including ED.


  • Obesity- this is a killer and you should try and cut down weight and be in shape. This you can achieve through exercise and good dieting which will enhance overall blood circulation in the body including to your penis,
  • Smoking- just quit smoking as this will put your health in danger.
  • Stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression – try and avoid this completely because it weakens your sexual organs and ability to sustain erection and performance.
  • Dieting is also very important.watch this video

Herbal remedies for Erectile Dysfunction.

Many herbal remedies are available for people suffering from this diseases but it is good you first see your doctor for diagnoses to understand the underlying causes and then treatment. Natural remedies are potent and in most cases with no side effects.  Some of the remedies are as follows;-

Red Ginseng.

This herbal plant is great for the treatment of ED. Some studies have shown its efficacy on men with ED. It can be taken in a capsule form or as cream you administer in your penis.

Pomegranate Juice

This is another herbal remedy that is good for those suffering for ED; a study showed high potential for this juice to treat ED and it is also potent for lowering of high blood pressure. High in antioxidant components and can be used to treat other ailments.pomegranate-463376__180


Garlic is a natural remedy for ED. It contains allicin which enhances blood circulation to the penis.  Chew 4 cloves of Garlic daily until your see result.


This is a natural Viagra. Taking  L-arginine supplement will improve your ED tremendously and help you achieve an erection.

This is because; it is the body’s main provider of Nitric Oxide which is responsible for the follow of blood into the penis.  Viagra does its function by blocking PDES, an enzyme that destroys nitric oxide. Research showed that 31% of men with ED taking 5 grams a day exhibited vast improvement.

L-Arginine is natural and safe for use, unlike Viagra that has side effects. Consult your Doctor if you decide to use this supplement to enhance your sexual performance.


This fruit is great for the treatment of ED. It contains zinc, copper, manganese and vitamin E. It enhances blood circulation within the body system including the penis.almonds

  1. Take almonds daily.
  2. Mix Powdered almond in a glass of warm water and drink it before you go to bed every day for 45 days and see changes to your condition.


Ginkgo help boosts circulation of blood in the penis region and when blood circulates freely it help reverse ED.  However, recovery is not instant as it takes 3 to 6 month. Continue to take it until you see improvement.

Onion and carrotCarrots 3

Onion and carrot are also not lacking in aphrodisiac qualities. You can eat the white  onion raw daily for about 30 days.

The carrot you can make as a juice and take every day or you cook it



Yoga is physical Mental and Spiritual practice – natural healing method.  A part of yoga called Tantra may be very useful for treating your ED. Tantra teaches methods for improving sexual performance. In Tantra, a man is showed how to have sex without an erect penis but, however, achieved an erection in the process.yoga-3

This technique brings energy and circulation to the penis.  If you want to learn these techniques you need to consult a Tetra Yoga teacher.


VigaPlus is a natural herbal supplement that will help you overcome your importance and spice your sextual relatuionship. It will help achieve erection, be  firmer and last longer. Get your confidence back by using VigaPlus today.

Finally, other herbal remedies for ED are the use   of walnut and honey, engage in pelvic floor exercise, use of Acupuncture and intake of Zinc supplement for men lacking in zinc. Etc.

Natures as I always say has everything we require to get well. It is only left for us to discover it. Apply some of the above remedies and see how it will bring positive changes to your condition.

Thanks for visiting my site and if you  have  comment or question  please drop them below and i will get back to you.

Caution: Please use Herbal Remedies after proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will research or consult healthcare professional.






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  1. Hi There Uzodinma, your article and your webpage in general is very informative. these valuable information can definitely help someone who is struggling with some of these issues. Your article is well structured and the content is valuable, it truly helps people find a solution to their problem. Keep up the good work! Ginger

    1. Ginger, Thanks so much for your kind words and thank you for dropping by. I hope you will visit again and share our post to your friends.

  2. It surprises me that fellas that are in their 20′ or 30’s are starting to have this type of problem. I always thought it had to do with men of a much older age due to all the commercials you see focused on older men only. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever suffer from this in the near future due to I am 52 years old and feel as if this is gradually happening to me except when I am really sexual turned on.
    Question: Can lack of sex with your partner cause erectile disfunction? sometimes I think this could contribute to it.

    1. Troy, thanks for visiting my site and your question. Yaa there is a cliche out there that “if you dont use it, you lose it” . You need regular sex to keep your penis active and avoid ED. A study by a Finnish researcher affirm the above. The study finds that Aging men who have sex at least once a week have only half the risk of developing ED as do men who have SEX less often. According to the research Men with erectile dysfunction obviously have sex less often than do more potent men. Koskimaki, J. (2008). The American Journal of Medicine, July 2008; vol 121: pp 592-596.

      For younger guys, lifestyle and other medical conditions can cause the problem, unfortunately the condition is growing among young people.

  3. Hey! That’s a very informative site! Full of helpful content! Good job? Garlic is good for ED, really?

    Now, I get why my uncle eats it every days at least 5 time a day! haha

    It may be rare, but yeah, I have a friend who suffered from it and he’s only 26 years old. He used to take anabolizers.

    1. Elder,

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and your kinds words. Yes is unfortunate even folks that are young in their 20’s are grappling with this issue. A change in life style can make a lot of difference for them. and for older folks appropriate treatment is necessary and herbal remedies is the best with no side effects. However is good to first consult your doctor. Hope to see you again.

    1. Thanks for your question and visiting my site, It will be nice and more productive to apply at least 2 or 3 of the strategies together. The identification of the ovulation day is very important for your success as that will will determine when to have sex with your partne.

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