Herbal Remedies To Improve Memory Loss

Memory loss is a common problem with elderly people above,  however people below 50 years are experiencing this problem too . I know folks 45 to 50 years already suffering from this problem.

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They forget important appointment dates like wedding ceremony of a relation,  names of close friends ,  familiar objects,  get loss while driving routes that they are used to before ,  find it difficult to manage simply business accounts, forget musical notes and lyrics they know before. We can go on and on.

What is the cause of Memory Loss?

Memory loss is a result of damages to cells of the brain knows as Neurons. Neurons damage can be inflammatory or oxidative. When this happens it can lead to a slight loss of Memory or graduate to high Memory problem.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases cause bigger  Memory  problems also.

This look really frightening but hey……. just came down.

Can Neuron damage be stopped or reverse?

Yes.  If the case is very serious like mentioned above you will need to consult  your Doctor for proper treatment , however for minor memory problem , you can apply some natural remedies.

Herbal Remedies to improve  Memory Loss

A couple of herbal treatments by qualified Alternative health officers can help reverse this problem.


This herb is brain friendly and protects the brain in two ways. First it improves the blood circulation to the brain. Adequate blood circulation to the brain is essential to its health.

Secondly it is an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals that damage the brain cells. A dosage of 120 – 200 milligram a day is good. However due consult your doctor before you take Ginkgo.


This all important herb helps in blood circulation throughout the body and the brain inclusive.  Its intake helps you regain your lost memory.

Nutritional Supplement

The body needs supplements that nourishes the brain and delivers the following nutrients daily – Vitamin A, C, E, and B

Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Chromium  Beta Carotene and other carotenoids

Your doctor will recommend to you the amounts (units) you need to take them daily.


Flower Essences

Three powerful Flower Essences combination is very potent to halt memory loss. The Essences are Rosemary, Madia, and Shasta Daisy .

This three can work together especially in age related memory loss and when you are easily distracted , They make the brain find meaning in  events and help you remember things.

Each of them can be used alone but wonderful when three of them are used.

Take 3 drops of each  into a  diffuser  and allow to diffuse   in your room, as you inhale the aroma  it helps  improve  your condition

You can also take as tea dried rosemary. Add honey for taste.

Lifestyle Changes

A good memory check will include insights into your exercise routine, stress factor and dieting. These three factors are very important to achieve a healthy brain.

Therefore serious attention should be paid on what you eat, your exercise culture and reduction of stress.

Get Enough Sleep

The brain produces more growth hormones when you are asleep. Therefore you need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily. Herbs like Kawa Kawa help you sleep well. Take it before bed time as recommended by your Doctor.

Preiwinkle Plant

This is a powerful herb that enhances the functions of the brain. It improves blood circulation to the brain area and that help nourish the brain cells.

A study of Secretaries that took this herb showed improved ability to remember sequences of words by 40%.  Take 15 to 20 milligram of the extract daily.


Dieting is very important in treating memory loss.  Make your foods memory friendly.   Avoids foods that fuel inflammations such as the following:-

  • Trans fats, which are available in many processed foods as the also cause inflammation.
  • Refined Sugar-  triggers your body system to pump out insulin which is a pro inflammatory substance.
  • Reduce the intake of foods like corn, wheat, milk as they cause more inflammation
  • Eat more organic vegetables, fruits, fish like salmon and sardines, fish oil supplements that contain Omega 3 fatty acids   that are friendly to brain health,
  • Take Blueberries – is good for the brain



Cinnamon is good for enhancing memory and cognitive functions, Add cinnamon as species in your food  or mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and honey and consume before going to bed.cinnamon_powder_3

This promotes good sleep which in turn helps growth of brain cells.

A research study published in the Journal of Alzheimer Disease concludes that cinnamon help prevent Alzheimer’s diseases.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is very important. An early morning work is perfect for the brain; it reset your body calibration for the day and benefits your brain.

Observe and appreciate your natural environment as you walk around your neighborhood.

Paying attention to your natural and beneficial environment improves your mental attitude say Dr. Hughes.

Mental Exercise

Engage your brain in activates that will stimulate and challenge it such as playing chess, scrabble, engage in crossword and puzzles. All this help to improve the cognitive function.


Avoid Sedentary Life.

Do not site in front of Television for too long watching televisions programmes, it is not good for your brain and muscle health.  This is a problem many people are dealing with.sendentry life1

Some people can be indoors for weeks without leaving their apartment. It also happens in our offices, sitting in that chair for a whole day without moving around is not healthy.

Engage in some work even during office hours, pick a restaurant a few poles from your office and walk to there to eat and back instead of ordering that food delivered to your office.

A 2010 Research study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise finds  that sedentary life  heightens   men’s risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease. It went on to state that  people who sit more in a place  have a 82 percent higher risk of having  a heart attack or stroke.

A 2015 Research  study published in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension suggests that changes in  metabolism trace  to prolonged sitting could in fact  be  cause  for the development of cardiovascular disease

Avoid stress

Stress as we know is a killer and damages the brain.  During stress the body emits   the cortisol hormone that damages the part of the brain called hippocampus which turns short memory into long term memory.

Stress also impacts negatively on your immune system and breaks down your nerves.  It is dangerous to health and fuels other issues like hypertension which can lead to stroke.

To avoid stress, you need to practice relaxation, meditation and exercise as mentioned above Yoga is good if you can engage in that or other forms of exercise.

Quite smoking

Smoking causes memory loss and it is better for you to stop.  Smoking damages the brain cells and cause small stroke in the brain which leads to memory loss.


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