How to Conceive a baby boy naturally – Tips you should know.

To conceive a baby Boy naturally you need to know your ovulation date, ensure the vagina ecosystem is alkaline in nature ,  eat diet high in  sodium and Potassium,  adopt position that will ensure deep penetration  and also ensure you  have  orgasm.  Are you ready to explore all these ? ok, lets go. boys

My last post on how to conceive a baby girl attracted comments on my Facebook and website and many wanted to know how to conceive a baby boy also.

 In Africa and other parts of the world, families always want a heir apparent, a man of  the house that will always stand tall to defend the family. In  some cultures in  Africa, women don’t partake in the sharing of their paternal inheritance.

This is not good but they will tell you it is  a cultural thing. Well, this is  not really our focus. So let’s focus on how to get that dream baby boy of yours

They are five  major tips you need to know if you desire to have a baby boy.

 Must know your ovulation date.

How do you discover the date of your ovulation ?

They are many ways to find out,  such as charting your menstrual cycle from period to period. This you can observe for six months or more to be able to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation.

For women that have  regular 28 days cycle  the ovulation day is around the 14th day of the month. But as we know most women don’t have a regular cycle. It changes from time to time, despite this you can still determine the appropriate date using this technique.

Others ways you can determine your ovulation date is by  using the basal temperature measurement and also the mucous discharge.

This two are also very important. The basal temperature rises gradually towards the ovulation period and jumps high on the day of ovulation while the mucus sign also changes as it approaches towards the ovulation day.

Initially the mucus is white and cloudy in nature and as the ovulation date reaches it becomes transparent and much viscous.

The mucus  signs from my experience are very confusing to many women. You need to be patient, observant to be able to notice this signs and differentiate them.

Ovulation determination kits are also available in our local medical shops that we can purchase to help us track the ovulation day.Digital_Ovulation_Test_with_Dual_Hormone_Indicator

So what is the importance of knowing the ovulation day you may ask? This is a very important question, when you know the ovulation date it helps the couple plan the day they will have sex.

To conceive a  baby boy, sex at the day of ovulation is perfect and here  is the reason.

Scientific studies  have  shown that male  carrying  sperm ,  the Y chromosome,  gets to the female egg first because, it is faster , agile  and smaller than the sperm carrying  the X chromosomes ( X chromosome is the female sperm) if sex happen at the day of ovulation.

They also have a shorter life span than ones carrying the X chromosomes, in most cases they live for  a maximum of 3 days and die while the X chromosomes live up to 5 days.

This means therefore that if you have sex  at ovulation day, the male sperm has a greater chance of fertilizing the egg because it  will move  faster to reach the egg than the X chromosomes that is slower and less agile even though it have  a longer life span,

If have sex 3 – 5 days before the ovulation day the odds are high that you may not conceive a baby boy because the Y chromosomes may dies before the release  of the female egg.

Summary, know you ovulation day and have sex at the day of ovulation if you are looking to have a baby boy.

Alkaline Vaginal Ecosystem

Make the vaginal Ecosystem more alkaline in nature because it favors the male chromosomes (Y). Naturally the vaginal environment tend to be acidic to be able to maintain its healthy condition.

However, the acidic condition  is more favorable to  the  female X chromosome. So you need to consciously make the vaginal environment more alkaline and this can be done through dieting and douching,

Douching tampers with the vaginal environment and its PH. The male sperm survives better in an alkaline environment than in an acidic environment. It makes it swim faster and live longer,


Like I indicated above dieting is very important in changing the PH level of the vagina and the uterus close to your ovulation period.

 Diets that are rich in sodium and potassium minerals are very necessary to keep the vaginal environment PH level between (8 – 14)   which is favorable for the boy (Y) chromosomes.potatoes

Some of the  foods that can help you achieve that are chicken, potatoes, salt, bananas etc. They help both the mobility of the boy sperm and its longevity.

Sexual positioning

The position of the couple during intercourse matters a lot.

The couple should adopt positioning that will enhance direct deposit of the sperm close to the entrance of the cervix.  Why? This will reduce the length the sperm will travel to meet the egg unlike if it is deposited shallow in the vagina.

The simple explanation is that because the male carrying sperm (Y chromosome) is faster than the female carrying sperm (X chromosome), the male carrying sperm (Y) has a higher possibility of getting to the female egg before the female carrying sperm (X chromosome ).

Remember the female egg lifespan is  about 24 hours.    So your sex position enhances your ability to conceive that baby boy you desire.

What are those positions you may ask? The best one I will recommend is the Doggy style. The doggy style is simple and very effective sex positions to experience deep penetration.

Your partner will enter you from behind so you can then be either on your knees or lie face down. This position ensures that the sperm is deposited close to the cervix entrance which gives advantage to  the Y chromosome to swim and meet the female  egg first.

 There are other deep penetration positions  you can discover.

Ensure you have orgasm

Studies have shown that orgasm secretions make the vaginal environment more supportive to the male Y chromosomes. It makes the environment more alkaline and also pushes forward the speed of the sperm.

So if you want to have a baby boy ensure you have an orgasm during that meeting session.

Finally, the combination of all these methods will guarantee couples a 97 % success  rate . Hey go out there and get that  baby boy you are looking for and  don’t leave everything to chance.

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  1. Thanks Kathyrin for visiting my site and am happy you find the post helpful. Yes your correct, The procedures if followed we guarantee a high probability (98%) of having a baby boy. we encourage couples to put this to test.

  2. Hey there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking
    about this. I will forward this article to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ole, Thanks for your kinds words, Ii will be more productive to combine at least 2 or 3 of the strategies together, Most important you must identify the ovulation day to actually know when to have sex with your partner.

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