How To Conceive a Baby Girl The Naturally Way- Don’t Leave It  To Chance

To conceive a baby girl naturally you need to know your ovulation date, ensure the vagina ecosystem is acidic,  eat diet high in  calcium and magnesium and also resist having orgasm in this girl

The issue of having a baby of a particular gender is a very sensitive issue especially in Africa where need to have a particular gender is sometimes emphasized among families .

Most couples, starting out with the first child do not care much about what gender the child should be, however by the second and third child couples now begin to have preference on what they expect the baby should be.

Many occasions they become frustrated  and paranoid when their desire do not materialized.

I have a friend who has 3 girls and now wanted a boy child. Unfortunately the next conception was not only a girl but  twin girls. I also know about a couple that had 11 boys in the bid to get a girl child. Like I said earlier, circumstances like these are  very frustrating.

The fact of the matter is that couples left their wishes to chance when actually they are in a position to influence their baby’s gender by doing a  few things.

So, in this article, we examine the naturally ways  to have a baby girl. These natural ways can be practiced by any couple, it is not complicated and has 95% success rate,

So what are the ways? 🙂

Know Your Ovulation Day

If a couple wants to make a baby girl, the woman needs  to know exactly the day she ovulates. My experience discussing with women on this issue is that majority of them don’t know when they ovulate.  This is not rocket science. It is very easy to track.

The best way is to keep the record of your cycle from the first day of mensuration to the first day of the next mensuration. Keep this record for like 6 months. As you know the cycle varies, some may be longer than others

If for instance your records show  your cycle as 28 days, 26 days, 29 days, 30 days, 27 days and 26 days  respectively. You will then need to choose the lowest day which is 26 days and subtract by 16 day to obtain the approximate day of your egg release which is the beginning of ovulation.

So why is your ovulation  important in  having a baby girl ? It helps determines when the couple will meet. For the baby girl, the couple will meet 3 -5 days before ovulation.

The reason is that the sperm that carries the female chromosomes (x) can survive for more days than that of the boy sperm, the (y) chromosomes; Hope am not talking too much science?

Simple the boy sperm die quickly than the female sperm. So when you have sex 3-5 days before ovulation, the boys sperm would have died off and leave the female sperm to now fuses with the egg to bring about conception.

The boy sperm dies within 3 days. By ovulation, the girl sperm will be the only one available to fertilize the egg.

Other methods of knowing ovulation date are through cervical mucus observation and basal body temperature test; their kits are available in your pharmacy shops.

Acidic vagina Ecosystem

To conceive a baby girl you need the virginal environment to be Acidic in nature. You must make sure this is the condition. The level of acidity or   alkalinity is determined using some simple medical testing kit which is available.vaginal-ph

The level ranges from 1-14. The lower (1- 6) is more acidic and better for the conception of a baby girl and the higher (8 -14) is more alkaline and not favorable for making a baby girl.

This can be achieved through dieting  and  douching.


Dieting is also very important. You need foods that support the acidic environment of the vagina close to your ovulation period.

Diets that are rich in Calcium and Magnesium such as cheese, milk, dark green vegetables, butter, yogurt, beans, some nuts etc. are favorable for supporting acidic environment of the vagina and uterus necessary for the survival of the girl (X) chromosomes and unfavorable for the boy (Y) chromosomes

Also, food that delivers high sodium and potassium minerals,  such as chicken noodles, table salt, potatoes. Chicken etc. should be avoided because the make the vaginal environment more alkaline and hence favorable for the boy sperm to survive.

Avoid  Orgasm during sex At This Period

To have a baby girl, the woman should ensure she does not have  orgasm when the couples  meet.  Orgasm fluids or secretions distort the environment of the vagina and make it more alkaline than acidic which favors the survival of the boy sperm than the girl sperm.

So this is an important aspect that the couples should work on

Also, the sperm deposit should not be deep rather shallow in the vagina. The boy sperm is faster and weaker to survive (3 days maximum) than the girl sperm which is slower, stronger and can survive for 5 days.

So doing this will put the boy sperm at a disadvantage  competing  to reach to the egg. The boy sperm will have more distance to swim unlike when deposited deep in the vagina area.

Finally, the combination of all these methods will guarantee couples a high rate of success in their desires than leaving everything to chance.

However if you want a 100% scientific proven method, talk to your doctor about the  PGD (with IVF) or the Ericsson method .They are expensive and complicated.

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  1. liked the article, it gave me an extended understanding on the importance of knowing your ovulation period in conception of either of the sex. my question is any side effect of douching because i read in a book that it can make the vaginal area prone to infection such as candidiasis.

    1. Thank you judith for your comments. Yes your are correct douching changes the ecosystem or the environment of the vagina and that is why it is usually discouraged, However here you are doing that for a purpose and that is to make the vagina environment more acidic around the period of the ovulation so you can achieve your purpose of having a baby girl.

  2. very interesting and educative. but my question is in the other way round. sir, majority of people mostly my tribe (igbo land) are more desirable of MALE child before female counterpart. please, any idea from you on that area?

    1. Tony. Thanks for your kind words. Yes I know in Africa especially in some tribes like your tribe, a lot of emphasis are on having the male child. Yes i will do a post on that soon. Continue to look out here you will see it soon.

  3. if you comment and post will it be seen by every body or only for admin? i want to know because i have experience on soya beans i want to share with you.

    1. Tony, you can share your experience with me it is welcome. Do you want to send it as a post on the website ? I only allow original articles and not what is copied or written and posted some where else even if it is by you. so you can send me an email@ and we can work that out. Thanks for your interest on my website.

  4. Hello, your site is great talking about herbal remedies to different ailment I want to know if there are natural treatment for diabetes and HBP.

  5. I have been trying for 3years to get pregnant and needed help! i have Been going to the doctors but still nothing. The doctor said that me and my husband are fine and I don’t know where else to turn. when i read your post i was very pleased especially knowing how to pinpoint my ovulation date and also the position during sex. I intend to put what i learned from your post into practice and hope it will work for me and my husband. Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks Wendy for visiting my Blog. I am happy you find this post helpful. I will encourage you to implement some of the things you learn from here and hopefully you and your husband will obtain your baby desire , Keep me informed how things pan out for you. Cheers

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