Top 9 Natural Remedies To Boast Low Sex Drive In Couples


couple 1Is your marriage or relationship dyeing because of diminished sexual activity? It is time to rejig your relationship.

Top 9 remedies that can boost low sex drive are, Yoga practice, Touching the erogenous zones,  herbs like  Nutmeg, Tonkat Ali,  Maca, Flower Essence, Ginseng, Almond and in addition avoid stress, cut down sugar intake, take zinc and lose weight if you are overweight.

Reasons for Low Sex Drive

There are so many reasons that can contribute to couples low sex drive.

It could be as a result of constant quarrels, stress, fatigue, long working hours, child bearing and its demands for women, and financial instability.

All these create an environment of withdrawal by partners and barriers to engage in regular, enjoyable, and satisfying sex.

The most ascribed reasons for not having regular sex by couples according to research is  lack of communication.

According to Dr. Prostermam, Phd, a licensed sex therapist, lack of communication is the leading reason for divorce in many couples. He said  when thoughts and feelings aren’t shared intimacy withers and so does sexuality he said”.


In relationships very little things can trigger a shut down.

This can be lack of trust, the manner a partner perceived that he or she is being treated in the relationship, finance allocations and spending patterns of couples.

When a man decides to spend more on drinks rather than pay important family bills or a wife spends on expensive clothes rather help the man in sorting out children school fees.

What is priority or not can be a big issue that can lead to many days of not talking to each other. Misunderstood actions or inactions can be a source of shut down by any of the partners.

In Africa activities of mother in-laws or siblings of the man can be a major source of issues for  partners.

To get the groove back for couples, which in most cases take a lot of work, the partners have to decide that they truly want to have their life back.


They is no quick fix, rather they are a couple of natural remedies that can boost regular sex between partners if practiced.


Natural Remedies to boast Low Sex Drive in Couples

Yoga Exercise

The creators of “intimate secrets of sex and spirit, Paul and Marilena Silbey recommends yoga exercise that delivers more energy to the “heart chakra” which is the area of the chest according to yoga philosophy is the Centre of erotic love and intimacy.couple 2

This yoga exercise is practiced to stimulate the partner’s energy flow and let that energy flow across each other and brings about unity of purpose for the partners.


The Procedure:

This exercise should be done in an inviting and private environment.

The couples can take a holiday and opt for serene environment, like the Obudu Cattle Ranch, go to the Bahamas, or a quiet part of your house where only two of you can stay without disturbance and distractions of daily life.

1, Sit down on the bed or floor, leg crossed and facing each other

2. The woman preferable sitting on the man’s laps with her leg around him.

3. Both partners should look into the eyes of each other

4. Each partner should place their left hand on the partner’s chest and right hand holding each other.

5. Then synchronize your breathing – for the man visualize that the energy coming out of your eyes is flowing into your partners and then comes out of her hand to yours.

Paul Silbey says ‘ This exercise creates a circular flow of energy between the partners, uniting them at the heart chakra”.

Do this as often as you find enjoyable. It can be for 10, 20 minutes, 1 hour or as long as you want to be in this pleasurable circle of energy and ecstasy.

You can be nude doing this as it creates more sensation that can lead to sex eventually.  We as humans are moved quickly by visuals.


Touching the Erogenous zones

If your desire for each other is running cold, it is time to play the touching exercise.

The goal of this is to explore the different parts of each other’s body, such as the neck, the breast, and the gentiles, Palms, thighs, back etc.

It can be done at the same time or one partner start and finish and the other takes their turn.

Another touching exercise is the “guided” or “follow me” exercise. This is a situation the partners tell each other the area of their body that they find sexually stimulating and likes the most.

This exercise stimulates communication between partners in the process , as partners  relate and talk to each other about the zones they  find more sensitive and liked to be touched.


Herbs that stimulate sexual desires

They are quite a number of herbs that can stimulate sexual desires in men and women and are very safe to use such as Nutmeg, Tonkat Ali,  Maca, Flower essence, Ginseng, Almond, and others.


This herb, use as spices in cooking of soup, stew and other meals helps to boost the libido level of both male and females.nutmeg1

In a research study by Tajudin et al., It was found that administration of 50 percent ethanolic extracts of a single dose of Nutmeg Clove, and Penegra resulted in the increase in the mating performance of the mice.

This seed was mentioned as one of the ancient herbs for  treatment of male sexual disorder.


Flower Essence

Flower Essence like hornbeam, wild Rose and olive can bring back excitement to your sex if you use them. They can be diffused into your environment.

As you inhale them, they energize and motivate you to action.


Tongkat Ali Extract

This herb is a powerful natural aphrodisiac that boost men’s libido. A native of Southeast Asian .It has been repeatedly proven to boost sexual potency in men and known as natures viagara.

It is also know to increase men’s testosterone levels, sperm count, sperm quality, and mortality rate and also enlarges the male sex organs.

Men that feels the larger the better will find this herb helpful to increase the size of their penis,



This is another herb that is known for its efficacy as a proven natural, but powerful aphrodisiac. Maca, commonly found in the South America, region has been used for sexual enhancement for ages for both gender.

It peeps up your sexual desire, support hormonal balance, boost energy and vigor.

A Study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2012 showed that Maca increased the seminal volume, sperm motility, sperm count in men and also improve libido.



This is a powerful nut which is very common with the chines  and other Asian countries .

The nut has a great amount of vitamin B2, protein, vitamin E and calcium.

Indians, Arabs and Chinese have eaten almonds for centuries to boost their libido.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, views almonds as a great food for brain activity and help to ignite sexual desire in both sexes.almond 2


Panax Ginseng,

Panax Ginseng or Koren ginseng is another powerful herb that is used for holistic health. Ginseng is used in the treatment of several ailments, including Erectile Dysfunction in men.

It is a natural aphrodisiac. It grows on the slopes of thick hard forest or shady mountain areas of China and Korea.

It contains some of the following nutrients. Amino Acids, Glycans, Aluminums, Maltol Saponis etc. It can be taken as pills or in its natural state.


Other Important natural remedies,

Reduce General stress

Stress is not good for you. It kills. When you are stressed out, your body begins to release the hormone cortisol.

This “stress hormone” blocks testosterone form performing its   normal function in the body. This will generally lead to low libido which affects sex mood and performance.

Avoid stress as much as possible,


Cut down Sugar in your meals.

Your testosterone levels are affected by your sugar consumption. Sugar raises your insulin level and that is a big factor in low testosterone and a problem for diabetic patients,

To maintain a healthy sex life you need to cut down on most sweets or sugary drink and other processed foods which are loaded with tons of extra sugar,

Whole, organic foods should be your focus  for healthy meal.

Cutting down sugar will help you lose weight as well.

The slimmer and fitter you are, the better for your sexual life.


Ensure your take Zinc

znic rich food

Zinc is extremely important for testosterone production, and research has shown that restricting your sources of zinc will lead to decrease in your testosterone levels.

Zinc is believed to improve testosterone production  in men and reduce  PMS symptoms in women.

To ensure you’re up and doing in the bedroom department you must ensure you get adequate intake of zinc from the natural foods rich in this mineral, such as beans, nuts. Pumpkin seed, meat.  Milk and yogurt  etc


Lose weight

Research has shown that Obsessed or Overweight men are much more likely to have problem of libido or ED.

Shading weight will do a whole lot of good for them if they are to have their sexual health back,


Finally avoid those things that break communication with your partner and erect barriers that sometimes take time and energy to dismantle

Sex makes a man healthy and a woman beautiful.  Rejig your sex life today and be happy again.


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