Ways to firm your Sagging Breast naturally

Sagging breast can be firmed naturally through the use of herbal remedies like Aloe Vera, pure almond and virgin olive oil, swimming routine, targeted chest exercise, and many more. Just read onfalling boobs

Sagging Breast is one headache for almost every woman. Every woman you talk to will want her breast to remain perpetually firm. I have this young lady who came to my office recently  for advice  and was complaining bitterly about her sagging breast. She was just 26 years old and her boob is already pointing down.

Breast sagging is a natural  event that will occur to every  woman as she  ages.   As a woman approaches 40 years, her breast  starts losing its Elasticity and  suppleness.

This happens because the sag preventing collagen is  beginning  to give way  especially  for  those that have bigger breast.  For women with smaller breast, they don’t have much problem.  

This physiological change most times causes image and confidence problem for most women especially those that are not yet married. . Some said it makes them feel embarrassed when meeting a new date.

Firm breast you know add to a woman’s beauty and gives her that attractive appeal to   the opposite sex. No wonder these days a lot of ladies show off the boobs by going bra less and wear tops that cover a little

This is what drives some women to plastic surgery – breast argumentation. Breast argumentation is a big global business valued at about $3 billion in 2013.  

Argumentation is helpful but comes with some complications But Hey,  we are not discussing plastic surgery rather natural ways of boosting  your breast to make you look good, 

So what causes saggy breast?

They  are a couple of  things like weight loss, smoking, expose to UV rays, Breast involution. Age, genetics, wearing on-supportive bras, the size  of breast and gravity, Menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Let’s now break them down.


Weight Loss

Weight is a big issue to several women and some are trying very hard to shake it off. When you lose weight it also affects your breast. This is because your breast fat deposits will also burn out like other fats in your body. This reduces the breast firmness and elasticity

When you lose weight, the first place it will hit is in your boobs because they are mostly fat.


Smoking is very dangerous and damages the production of the breast tissue component called elastin which is responsible for the breast youthful appearance an eight-year study indicated,  

Ultraviolet Rays

Exposing yourself to this rays without appropriate covering will lead to   skin collagen damage, stretching of the skin and the boobs will sag, Sun rays damages the skin and makes you look old with wrinkles

Brest Involution

According to Mayo clinic, as most women get older, and especially after menopause, the milk-producing glands (lobules) shut down — a process is known as lobular regression, or involution.As glands shrink it makes the breast looks hollow and saggy,  losing its firmness


We have touched this already. It is only natural that as a woman grows older a lot of changes happen with her breast including sagging. Sagging appears from the age of  40 though some women it comes earlier depending on the cause.


Here we are looking at hereditary. If you have a mother that has saggy boobs you might likely get one too as the extent of ligament and Elasticity depends on your DNA makeup.

Supportive Bra,

Many studies have shown that if you don’t wear the appropriate bra that holds your boob or gives it a good support it will fall over time. If you  don’t wear the supportive bra and allow your breast to bounce around it will stress the breast collagen and skin.

 Size of breast and Gravity

The bigger the breast is the more possibility of its sagging quicker because the weight stretches the ligaments which force it downwards    

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding does not make your breast sag rather pregnancy dose.   Research has shown that breastfeeding has no effect on the shape or volume of the breast rather during pregnancy, the supporting breast ligaments might stretch as your breasts get fuller and heavier due to lactation.

This stretching contributes to sagging breasts after pregnancy, it does not matter whether you breastfeed your baby or not.


This is also another cause of saggy boobs – menopause comes with some hormonal changes in the body that affect the breast structure,

 Ways to firm your sagging breast naturally .

Some of them are swimming, aloe Vera, Olive and almond oil, Cucumber and egg yolk,  breast targeted exercise, essential oil, sporty bra etc.,breast_shape-dark-east-west


Are  you shocked to hear that ? Swimming alone can firm your breast because it tightens the ligaments holding the breast, a regular  swimming routine  (like 3 times in a week) will help those saggy boobs to firm,

 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a fantastic skin tightening components that can help firm your boobs, The antioxidants available in aloe Vera is a great property that fights against free radicals that damage the body tissues and help firm dropping bombs.

 Extract natural aloe Vera gel and use it to massage your breast gently in round motion for about 15 minutes.

Allow it for about another 15 minutes then wash off with water. Do this every day for 1 month and you will see a tremendous result.

 Olive and Almond oil.

 These two wonderful  herbal oils are very good for firming saggy breast,

Just massage gently in a circular motion every day for I month. The antioxidant and fatty properties will help revive and stimulate weak cells and help firm your breast,

 Cucumber and Egg Yolk

Another great natural remedy for firming the breast is a paste made from cucumber   and Egg Yolk,  Both of them contains properties ( cucumber skin toning  properties and Egg yolk, protein and essential vitamins)  that are useful to firm the breast,

·        Blend  one small cucumber

·        Mix with  1 egg yolk and  1 teaspoon Shea butter to get a paste

·  Apply to your breast and massage gently. Leave for about 45 minutes  and wash off with water,

·        Do this 3 times a week and see your breast firm.

 Essential Oil

Essential oil can also be used to firm your breast, Use a mixture of Lemongrass, fennel and clary sage essential oil with geranium in a carrier of almond oil and massage your breast gently in round motion every day.  

You will combine this with Breast targeted exercise like the chest press, push up, and chest fly.

 Breast targeted  Exercise

 To get a quick result, those with floppy breast will add exercise as part of their daily routine. Exercise that targets the breast ligaments and muscles will be very useful. Some of the exercises are push up. Chest press etc. Watch this video

 Sports Bras.

You need a sports bra that can support and hold your breast firmly and not bras that are loose. Good bras that are apt size, perfectly elastic and help maintain the elasticity of your breast skin and the breast muscles.

Finally, they are other herbal remedies like, Fenugreek herbs, Pomegranate seed oil,  Primrose oil,   good dieting and ice block message that can be very useful in firming your breast.


Once again thanks for dropping bye.  I will like to hear from you.  if you have  any question or comment please  leave it in the comment box and I will surely get back to you.


















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    1. Julia, Thanks for your comment, Yaa prevention is good but you can still firm a saggy breast with one of this remedies with a chest exercise. Did you watch the chest exercise ?

  1. When a lady has sagging breasts she tends to develop stretch marks. Are there any essential oils or anything natural to help with minimizing the stretch marks?

    1. Sand,
      Thanks for visiting my site and your question. Essential oil is very effective for treating and removing stretch marks. Top essential oil very useful are :- . Lavander, Helychrysum. Sage Oil, Rosehip oil, Neroli, Patchouli. Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Pure Emu oil.

      Try this receipe: 1. Mixing Frankincense with Lavander and Sandalwood, Mix 3 drops each and 6 teaspoons of sesame seed oil as the base. mix very well and massage on the breast Use for about 1 month and you will see visible changes.

      2. You mix any of the above oils with lavander on coconut oil as a base and massage on the effected place and see great improvement within some weeks. I will like to hear from you as well , thanks for dropping bye.

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