Ways to stop Premature Ejaculation [PE].

Premature Ejaculation or Quick release as it is referred by many is a common problem among men especially younger men in the act of having sex.premature Ejaculation

It is a problem widely discussed which many men are troubled with and concern about and in dire need for a solution.

I have got a couple of questions from my readers on this problem and I want to use this post to answer some of those questions. Ok, let’s go.

What is premature Ejaculation?

This is a situation a man ejaculates quickly (Release sperm) before or shortly after penetration. In most cases this happens less than 3 minutes after penetration or even in the process of penetration.
It is a problem that has caused big strain among couples especially when it happens always.

Marriages and relationships have crashed as a result of this because the female partners always are left unsatisfied , bruised and feel unwanted while the men feel hollow, embarrassed, unmanly with a wounded ego.

It is a problem if not well managed can lead to some unpleasant actions like quarrels, fights, Infidelity, stress, depression and much more.

However, the good news is that this can be treated or controlled. It is nothing to lose sleep about .)

Dr. Alan Breuer, a Psychiatrist and Sex therapist, sees Premature Ejaculation as a natural phenomenon and not a medical condition.

He argued that there wasn’t a condition called premature ejaculation until about 50 years ago when sexual research first showed that women needed more time to reach orgasm than men

Dr. Brauer is of the opinion that any man can learn how to delay reaching orgasm if he wants
To deal with this, let’s first established the nature of the problem I Got permission to share with you what some of my readers sent to me about their experience.

Reader 1,

” I have had this issue for a long time now and it has made me lose my girlfriend. Each time we want to have sex before I could engage her I have already released. Sometimes I release just by her holding my hand and fondling it. It is really an embarrassing thing and I don’t know what to do” ,  James

Reader 2

 I am married for about 2 years now and I can’t satisfy my wife in bed because I always release quickly even before penetration . when I manage to penetrate I release before 2 minutes. It is just a big strain on our marriage now that I don’t know what to do”,   .Paul 

These are two different complaints by two of my readers and there are many others.

Types and causes of Premature Ejaculation [PE]

They are three Major Types  of Premature Ejaculation and several causes as stated below.

1. Premature Ejaculation in Younger Men.

This happens to men within the age of 18 to 30 years.


Over Excitement

This is a situation when the man is excessively horny and unable to control his anxiety and arousal before sex.

It happens especially to young men who are just starting to have sex or who don’t have sex regularly.

When they are about to have sex the emotion or the excitement run riot in their brain that  make them lost total control  , which result to quick ejaculation before or immediately after penetration

Anxiety to impress their partner

Many young men have this mentality that they need to perform very well to impress their partners and this pose a huge stress and anxiety on them and lead actually to premature ejaculation.

This scenario plays out more and more because each time the remember about their failure, it creates fear in them that makes this happen over and over again.

Hypersensitivity of the nervous system

This is also another factor. Some men have a high sensitive nervous system that reacts quickly when aroused and pushes up the rush of blood to the penis and hence speedy ejaculation.

Sex as Cultural taboo

In many societies especially in Africa sex in seen as taboo outside marriage. This is also applicable in many religion which see it as improper, sin or shameful.

The implication of this is most young unmarried men who engage in sex are highly under some kind of anxiety and guilt which affects their comportment and hence fuels premature ejaculation.

2. Premature Ejaculations in Older Men

Older men (45 years and above) experience this condition as well.

The biggest issue for this group is illness such as Stress and depression, diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid problems, prostate diseases, alcohol and other manners of issues that interfere with the normal sexual activity

Any of the above issues can lead to underperformance and quick ejaculation.

3. Marital Problems

This is another category that impacts negatively on couples sexual performance and satisfaction. It can happen to men at any age.


Tension at Home

When there are quarrels and fights at home for money issues and other domestic needs, it sometimes affects the man’s ability to sustain longer sexual performance.

This conflict distracts and puts pressure on the man which affects his ability to perform in the bedroom.

High Expectations

The differences in a couple’s sexual needs, high expectations and anxiety of satisfying your partner put a lot of pressure on the man going into the act and if not well managed produces dismal performance which most occasions associated with quick release

Lack of Support from the woman

Premature ejaculation continues to occur when a woman refuses to support her husband, but rather nag about his inability to perform.

This will put tremendous pressure on the man and this fear to do better will always affect the man negatively.

Are there treatments? Can it be stopped or controlled? Sure, there are natural treatments that can be used to combat this very problem.

In fact, a lot of options are available out there. Let’s explore some of them


Natural/Herbal  Remedies for PE

The remedies are a combination of attitudinal changes and use of herbal supplements that are 100% natural with no side effects.

Reduce the Anxiety

First, you must learn how to reduce your anxiety and mentality toward having sex.

Sex must be seen as a normal exercise and should not be approached as something very special. To this end, you must understand how your body responds to arousal and be in control of it as much as you can.

Apply the stop and start technique

In the process of intercourse, you must learn to apply the stop and start technique. This will help you control when to ejaculate however you must carry your partner along in this process.

The challenge with this process is that Most ladies need a non-stop penetration to be in the game completely , and pulling off your penis when she needs it most, and squeeze may not be the best for her. It will dampen the buildup.

Therefore, if you think less of the sex in your mind, you can improve the duration of intercourse. Start slowly , build up rather than rushing/quickly building up arousal which will lead ultimately to orgasm quickly.

This technique help you to stop stimulation when you feel that you are reaching your orgasm (you have to stop penetration and thrusting for a few seconds to stop the ejaculation) and continue when you feel that is not coming again.

You need your partner’s cooperation to get this technique work for you. She must buy into it.

Play down your sex goals

Sex supposed to be fun and don’t have an unrealistic goal for yourself as you are not in a porn movie.

The stress that you put on yourself to impress your partner is not psychologically healthy, and it may even lead to bigger problems like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Have a fruitful and healthy conversation with your sexual partner and consider all your options.

Use Condom

Use of condom especially those with Benzocaine at the tips helps to decrease sexual sensation and thereby extend the time for the man to climax.Durex_ExtendedPleasure1

This will extend sexual activity and get partners to enjoy sex better; the condom will not prevent your enjoying sex fully. Give it a trial and you will enjoy it.

Treat your ailments first

For older men the treatment of whatever ailment that is causing this a key, Deal with your prostrate problem, diabetes or alcoholism first.

Kegal and Tantra

The Kegal exercise and the tantra Yoga programme are all good treatment methods to explore for the men as it helps to delay orgasm and make sex more fun.

Herbal supplements

Finally, Herbal supplements like Duramale and Vigaplus are natural antidepressants that help you hold on longer.

They are 100% herbs with no side effects. They help to achieve strong erection and delay ejaculation hence helping you and your partner to have full satisfaction.

They will definitely spice up your relationship and restore your confidence as a man

Click here to know more about  Duramale and Vigaplus and give it a trial. Talk to your health officials before use.
Premature ejaculation is a frustrating experience that leads to dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and embarrassment and as well as brings discord in a relationship if not treated.

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  1. My name is Philips and i have been suffering from weak erection and premature ejaculation for a few years now, I must admit that i have taken so many drugs just to see me free from it. At a point i begin to blame myself because i masturbated a lot during my youth age and i think that was the origin of my problem. I did series of test just to know what my problem really was and i also undergo a lot of treatment, However this post has been of tremendous help to me,
    Thanks Dr.

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