What is Essential Oil diffuser?

Essential oil, which is known as “the essence” of the plant is a very important natural healing oil. It’s been used for many centuries for prevention and treating of diseases. How do you use essential oil? This brings us to the device called Essential oil  Diffuser.diffuser6

Essential Oil Diffuser is a device that helps us dispense essential oil molecules into the air so that its aroma fills a room or space. As you inhale the aromas, your body uses them.

They come in different forms,  from the simple easy to use and the complex ones. They are many kinds of diffusers in the market and in this post we will show you some of them.

Types of diffuser

Diffuser can be classified under 4 popular types namely Heat Diffuser, Nebulizer  Evaporative Diffuser and Ultrasonic Diffuser

They range from simple Tissue diffusion, jewelry diffuser, Steam, Candle, Electrical oil warmers. Scent ball, Terracotta Discs, Fan diffuser, Ultrasonic to Atomizers

Tissue diffusion

This is a situation that you drop 2 or 3 drops of essential oil on a Tissue and put it near your nose to inhale it.tissue diffuser

Pros:  It is used more on a personal level and is very effective. It is simple and can be used in an office, train, bus or an airplane. As you inhale it can take care of nasal congestion if you have any,  or deal with other issues of your target. It calms nerves and energizes.

Cons: The method does not spread much aroma within the room.

Steam diffusion

Boil 2 cups of water or 60cl at 100 degrees Celsius and pour into a container. Then add 5 to 10 drops essential oil into the hot water. As the hot water heats the oil, it will evaporate into the air and the aroma fills the room.

Depending on the Essential oil , ensure you adhere to the instruction on the lebal as to the quantity of drop to use.

Pros. This can facilitate the oil to diffuse into the room quickly.

Cons. The aroma does not last for a longer time.

Candle and Dish diffusion

This method is commonly used and I like it personally. Get a dish filled with water and some drops of essential oil add to the water. Diffuser7

The water holds the essential oil as oil does not dissolve in water. The candle provides the heat that helps the essential oil to evaporate into the air.

Pros: It is very simple to use and not expensive to buy. It can also last for a bit longer time and scent fills the air as the dish gets hot and the oil evaporates,

Cons: We have to watch out for the naked light from the candle. Therefore, where it is placed in the room is very important. The candle should not be left overnight and should be on your watchful eyes for the sake of fire.

Many people struggling with insomnia may want to use it to induce sleep and tend to leave it overnight. Please be careful with this method.

Terracotta and sandstone Diffusers

The terra cotta pots come in different forms and sizes and are made of clay. Essential oil is dropped into these pots and cork very well . The oil permeates through the pot and its aroma fills in the room.soapstone-candle-diffusers

Sandstones are more porous and a nice way to diffuse essential oil. It is very good to place in bathrooms or small spaces like your study area. Etc.

Pros: The clay pot is simple, easy to apply and less expensive and does not require heat or electricity. It is best used in small room’s areas

Cons: The aroma is intense at the beginning when the oil is applied and fades later. It does not maintain a consistent aroma level.

Electric Heat Diffusers:

Electric diffusers use electricity or battery to power the device. This diffuser uses replaceable pads which are affordable and can be used to diffuse different blends of the oil.

Drop 3 to 4 drops directly on the pad and switch it on and allow the pads hot up gradually and the aroma of the essential oil fills the room.

Pros. It is very convenient to use, portable to move around and less risky like the candle diffuser.

Cons: It can only be used with Electricity and folks in Africa where electricity is not constant it can be a challenge.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

This diffuser is different from the heat diffuser. Here the diffuser user’s electronic frequencies to stimulate vibrations that move up to the surface where essential oils are deposited. The vibrations vaporize the oil and release it into the environment without making use of heat. it is very popular.diffuser 3


It is easy to use and clean

Breaks down the oils easily no matter the viscosity or volatility

The noise is very low

It is very affordable

Eliminates room odor

Sometimes it has a timer to control it

This diffuser is more problematic than the other ones.


This is a device that atomizes (break down the molecules) the essential oils and then circulates the aroma within the room or space.nebulizer

The Nebulizer has 3 parts, the base, the nebulizer and the pump for dispensing the essential oil into the air; it can be made with glass, wood, metal and plastic materials.

It is believed that the smaller molecules the nebulizer circulates can be absorbed better by the lungs and creates a greater therapeutic value for the individual than any other diffuser.

Pros. The nebulizer in terms of health benefits is more valuable. This is due to the nebulizer breaks the oil molecules into smaller parts which have more healing effects when inhaled.
Some thick oils like sandalwood,  unless well blended with a carrier cannot be used by Nebulizers because the clog the working  of certain types.

Pros: In comparison with other diffusers, the nebulizer is difficult to clean and maintain.

If you have any questions about  Essential Oil dffisuer  or would like to offer any   insight  of one you have used  over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!

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